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Marvellous Mechanical Museum

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Great Fishtank in the sky

Event Date

Friday 29th March – Saturday 6th July

Event Time

10:00 am
– 4:00 pm

Event organiser

Event information:

At the turn of a lever, or the push of a button, watch whole worlds come to life. Giggle with the artists at quirky, moving sculptures.

The Marvellous Mechanical Museum is a visually stunning blend of art, science and engineering full of fun.

Automaton (n.) (plural: Automata): a small, mechanical figure that can move automatically.

From the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre comes an entertaining, interactive, and whimsical show. Explore automata created by Cornish artists, discover their inner workings at the push of a button or turn of a lever, and learn about the mechanics, engineering and art that goes into the delightful creations.

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre have played an integral role in the revival of automata and in supporting a growing number of automata makers. Recognising the potential popularity of these moving machines, CMT actively encouraged a group of makers in Falmouth, Cornwall to make automata to sell in their local craft shop, Cabaret. CMT often actively guided the artists’ creative direction, looking for wit and entertainment in the automata that they collected.

Royal Cornwall Museum is open: 

  • Tuesdays – Saturdays 10.00 – 16.00
  • Open Mondays during school holidays only

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