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For ten years, Victoria Walker has been designing and creating fine, kinetic jewellery, inspired by the beauty of seed pods and flowers. However, this is no ordinary ‘flower jewellery’. Her signature lockets feature tiny articulated flowers that emerge into bloom when revealed by the wearer. Using traditional techniques, precious metals and diamonds, each piece is skilfully handmade by Victoria in her workshop in Princes House, Truro. Often admired for their heirloom qualities, these botanical treasures are usually bought as significant memory-markers; gifts to celebrate life's big events such as a birth, wedding anniversary, milestone birthday, graduation or retirement.


Usual Studio Open Hours: 

10-4pm Mon-Fri (Call ahead to avoid disappointment, weekend appointments available on request). 



Princes House 

Princes House




Nearest Car Park - Garras Wharf

Nearest Park and Ride - Quay Street