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Kate Attlee set up Sabzi with a focus on providing guests with beautiful, vibrant, utterly delicious food that doesn’t compromise on her strong commitment to animal welfare and the environment.

Meat and eggs will always be free range and dairy will be organic, from cows that have enjoyed the highest welfare standards. Fruit and vegetables will vary with the seasons and Sabzi will always work hard to reflect the wonderful produce of the South West.   Sabzi aims to reflect a sustainable, environmentally conscious approach to the food industry, and is choosing to pay more in order to buy high quality produce without single use plastics and have milk delivered in reusable glass bottles. Every single piece of takeaway packaging is compostable and made from plant-based materials, right down to our branded labels, and can be composted at home, or will, at the very least, rot down and back to the earth it came from.

In terms of its offering; Sabzi will be open Monday to Friday in central Truro (next door to Malletts).

Sabzi will offer 3 sizes of salad box; snack box, lunch box and supper box to takeaway. Into these, my guests will be free to choose from any of the fresh, beautiful salads displayed on the counter in any combination - pricing is according to box size, rather than salad choice. Coffee will be of the highest quality, roasted and blended in Cornwall, but served simply and affordably, as filter coffee. Seasonal juice will be prepared to order and we will offer authentic, freshly brewed Middle Eastern style mint tea prepared to our own recipe, Persian love cake will often be on the counter and an aromatic dahl will change daily.