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Car Boots

Grab yourself a bargain or sell your own wares at one of our local and regular car boot sales.

Children's Groups

There are a number of fantastic events for parents and children of all ages in our little city.

Local Choirs

Wanting to get involved with a local choir? There’s plenty of opportunities for you to sing in the local area.

Coffee Events

If a social event with a cup of coffee sounds just like your type of event then you’re in luck! 

Community Events

Meet like-minded people from across the local community with some of these great events.


If you’re into arts and crafts then there’s a wide range of local events that will be right up your alley.


Fancy a game? No matter if it’s board games or something equally as competitive – take a look here.

History & Heritage

For those wanting to absorb yourself in the local history and heritage that surrounds you.


Leaning a new language? Get involved with some of these linguistic events that are held regularly.


Pick up your instrument and get involved in practices, performances and great local jam nights.


From book clubs to poetry – there’s something for everyone’s taste in the local community.


We live and work in a beautiful part of the country, so get out there and enjoy the fresh air.