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Learn to paint a stormy seascape in oils with professional artist Andrew Barrowman, winner of ‘The Bowyer Drawing Prize’ 2021. 

The day-long workshop will begin with an introduction to Andrew’s methods alla prima (done first time / in one go) oil painting, and an opportunity to see examples of his work, especially paintings of stormy scenes. Next you will focus on colour mixing, particularly mixing greys and greens that are often present in stormy seas and the colours needed to represent stormy skies.

After a quick look at composition students will begin a practice / warm up piece on an absorbent cardboard or paper surface (your tutor will supply this) with oil paints mixed with oil medium. This will help establish a good design and aims to eliminate any compositional problems, as well as giving you time to get a feel for the oil paints. 

You will then begin your main painting which will continue through to the end of the day where students can hope to have finished an alla prima painting of a stormy seascape.

More information and booking on this link.