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This workshop with popular local artist Joe Armstrong will teach you how to create striking paintings of buildings within landscapes, using a palette knife and flowing strokes of colour. During the 2 days students will follow Joe’s creative process, learning the various stages of creating a distinctive impasto painting on canvas.

On the first day you will paint test pieces to explore ideas and colour palettes. You will then learn how to lay down a mid tone base colour to work over which allows you to see more clearly where dark and light might fall. Joe will demonstrate how he initially draws shapes with his fingers or a palette knife to develop the buildings, keeping the drawing very stylised and simple but effective. Each stage of the process will be demonstrated from beginning to soft-in the background;  applying more prominent features in the foreground; adding any dark and light accents and finally some loose detail.

The second day will focus on producing a final piece using techniques learnt so far, paying special attention to perspective. Joe will encourage you open-up and become comfortable creating your piece using a range of striking, vibrant colours. Throughout the workshop Joe will give individual teaching time between demonstrations, offering advice and inspiration. He will take extra care to ensure you leave feeling confident using perspective and colour to enhance future paintings. If there is time Joe will also discuss the use of framing, considering how choices such as colour can make a piece more appealing.

More information and booking on this link.