Truro Choral Society, New Year Concert

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Those who love Bach will want to take this rare opportunity to hear the St Luke Passion, not because it necessarily confirms or disabuses us of the prevailing view that this is almost certainly an apocryphal work (Mendelssohn wrote, “If that is by Sebastian, then I’ll be hanged!”) but because we know that Bach performed it at Leipzig at least twice, and evidently admired it for what it is: a succinct and highly competent blend of Lutheran Kapellmeister craft and a few fashionable galant nuances.

Bach, whose hand appears at the start of the only existing source, judged that a juxtaposition of chorus (chorale)-recitative chorus, with the occasional aria, could hold its own in the traditional deliberations of Leipzig’s Holy Week; we have enough evidence from Bach’s revisions to the other Passions, especially the St John, to sense that Bach felt compelled to present something new for a part of the church calendar which, in professional terms, came round all too soon.  (Acknowledgments to Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and The Gramophone magazine).

Martin Palmer conducts the choir who will also be accompanied by a Baroque Orchestra formed from members of Truro Symphony Orchestra.

Truro Choral Society is joined by a group of distinguished singers from Truro Cathedral.

Tickets available from Visit Truro in person or CRBO online.