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The world is unravelling around us, its pace increasing. But accepting the reality of the climate crisis takes us to a dark and scary place, a place of anxiety, grief, fear, loss, guilt, mourning.

Why would we want to face this? 

Unravelling is a series of pieces by artist Ilya Fisher, looking at the climate crisis and our response to the knowledge of it; our need to look away, and our need to face it. It’s about the anxiety that is stirred up in us, and the excuses we tell ourselves. And it’s about hope.

In Unravelling, Ilya explores the human dilemma, recognising how hard it is for us to fully accept the situation, whilst simultaneously wondering why we don’t do more to prevent what is coming. 

Approached through self-portraits and embroidered words she says this is also an attempt to better understand herself and the world: “For, after all, why am I not doing more?”

This exhibition will be running in Truro Cathedral from Monday 14th March to Sunday 17th April, from 10.00 until 17.00 daily*.

*Sundays: 11.30 - 16.00