Touch Theatre, Truro

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How do you try to shape history when you are in the midst of social unrest?

Do you participate, observe, record events for posterity, or collaborate with those in power?

These are the fundamental questions for the characters in Abi Morgan’s 'Splendour', Touch Theatre’s latest production.

In the opulent drawing room of a Presidential Palace, a western photojournalist awaits the return of the dictator to take his portrait.  He is late, very late. 

The dictator’s wife, her best friend, and an interpreter wait with her.  In a vodka haze, Prada shoes and light fingers tap out the time.

  • All 4 women harbour secrets and suspicions.
  • All 4 are in danger.
  • This is the day that revolution comes to the palace.

Abi Morgan’s devastating play allows us to glimpse into the minds of 4 women as they grapple with life, truth and honour.

Tickets available in person from Visit Truro