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The Maddest Pantomime In Cornwall

We’re back! Straight out of Lockdown, and into Wonderland !

After Alice falls down a rabbit hole and experiences the wild and magical place of Wonderland, she realises that the dastardly Queen of Hearts has been reigning terror over the land for far too long.

With the support of her mother, Mabel, and friend, Jack, who followed her down the rabbit hole, the unruly group happen across a mysterious Essex Cat, sleepy Dormouse, flamboyant March Hare, and the maddest of Hatters along their journey to save Wonderland from the evil Queen.

Will Alice and her friends be able to save the day, or will the Queen of Hearts have their heads?

Along with fabulous chorus songs, the most advanced choreography yet, and jokes so corny even your Dad wouldn't approve, come and watch as Probus Parish Players give you a performance you'll never forget!

Performances on:

  • Thursday 24th February at 19.30
  • Friday 25th February at 19.30
  • Saturday 26th February at 14.30 and 19.30

Tickets from Cornish Riviera Box Office or in person at Visit Truro, 30 Boscawen Street, Truro


Probus Village Hall

Amelia Close

Probus  TR2 4NB