Owdyado Theatre presents Twisted Tales Vol. 2

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For their sixth outing ‘Owdyado Theatre brings you three more twisted tales from three distinct voices. Inspired by cult TV series The Twilight Zone and Inside No. 9, this series of dark comedies is co-written by Daniel Richards and Charlotte Bister (A View from the Edge, Above Bored) as well as distinguished Cornish writers Brett Harvey (Brown Willy, Weekend Retreat) and Jon Welch (Spillikin, Swivelhead ).

Deep in space the crew of the Fortuna are searching for extra-terrestrial life but the ship is malfunctioning, the crew are beginning to show signs of a strange infection and time is running out...

As acclaimed sci-fi author Edward R Matherson lays on his death bed, a bloody battle of wits is taking place in his kitchen over the secret of the universe...

Jamie’s life is in turnaround. He’s lost his job, he’s desperate for love and his only companion is a malfunctioning Alexa unit. She’s supposed to make his life easier. But the question is – who is serving whom?

Time, space, kidnapping, torture, the infinity of the universe, the quest for humanity, the desperate search for meaning, the last gasp of a dying star and copious amounts of tea – these themes and more are covered in ‘Owdyado’s hilariously dark Twisted Tales Vol. 2 – three brand new comedy thrillers live on stage!

Please note, Twisted Tales Vol.2 is not a kid’s show - it contains strong language and challenging themes and so, we recommended an age of 14+

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Old Bakery Studios

Blewetts Wharf

Malpas Road

Truro TR1 1QH