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Running The World 196

On January 6th 2018, Nick Butter set out to achieve what had never been done. To run a marathon in every country in the world. In just 674 days he returned exhausted, broken, but triumphant, and with a vast collection of tales to leave you open-mouthed.

Very few people dare to simply visit every country. Those who do, take years, or a lifetime. Nick ran 26.2 miles (42km) in all 196 countries on earth. He did so in just 23 months, 11 days and 3 hours. In doing so he set the world record and broke others.

Battling war zones, wild time differences and over 100 degree of temperature variation, he ran in all 7 continents, traveling alone.  Nick's journey saw him catch over 300 flights, run 10 million steps, faced muggings, dog attacks, border bribes, over 80 canceled flights, and spent his life in 3-day cycles.  Run, Rest, Travel, repeat, until the job was done. 

Pictures really do paint a thousand words.  His photography is exceptional; a real glimpse into the vast diversity of our world.

Sharing photography, film, and outrageous tales Nick's talks are utterly fascinating, and will certainly leave you inspired; if a little fidgety for adventure. Not to be missed.

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