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Do you love museums?  Are you aged between 8 and 14 years?If so, the new RCM Museum Club may be just the thing for you!

Run on the 3rd Sunday of each month - £3 per session.

  • May 19th - ‘Artefact Adventure’ - Today we’ll be on a quest to find all sorts of objects around the museum.  Our finds will be documented with descriptions and sketches in special log books.
  • June 16th - ‘Blue and White’ - See the many pottery pieces decorated in blue and white, from patterned plates to the magnificent pyramid tulip vase.  We’ll be recreating these designs with collage and paint… using just blue and white!
  • July 21st  - 'People Poems’ - Have fun bringing our portrait paintings to life with creative writing and drawing. What sorts of characters will you create?
  • Aug 18th -  ‘Cornish Countryside’ - Look at the paintings in the ‘Hireth’ exhibitions then recreate the wild and beautiful Cornish landscapes using a range of art materials.