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Fragile Planet: The Talk Series, inspired by our current major exhibition Tony Foster: Fragile Planet - Watercolour Journeys Into Wild Places. 

Come and hear Tony Foster describe some of his adventures, encounters, joys and challenges when painting his large-scale ‘Watercolour Diaries’ on site in the world’s untouched and inaccessible places.

Each painting is a record of time and experience in extreme places.

Tony Foster is not a conventional landscape artist, his paintings are records of experience in extreme places.

ravelling on foot, or down rivers by kayak or raft, he camps out for weeks in the deep wildernesses of the Himalayas or the Arctic or Indonesia, or in the empty places of North America.

Tickets £5

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Talk will take place in the Art Gallery upstairs at the Royal Cornwall Museum.

There is lift access to the first floor, and disabled access facilities on site.