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Fragile Planet: The Talk Series, inspired by our current major exhibition Tony Foster: Fragile Planet - Watercolour Journeys Into Wild Places. 

Nature is in crisis. 

Species are going extinct at unprecedented rates.

Ecosystems are collapsing and humanity’s life support systems are now at risk.

To save both nature and humanity, something ambitious and radical is needed. It’s time for rewilding. 

 But what is this controversial form of nature restoration? How do you actually rewild a landscape and why are some people so vehemently against it?

In this urgent and thought provoking lecture, Environmental Campaigner Joel Scott-Halkes (co-founder of the Wild Card rewilding campaign takes a deep dive into the incredible world of rewilding and explores how it could just be the answer to the crisis we’re in.

Learn about extraordinary species such as wolves, bison and lynx that could be reintroduced in Britain, hear about successful rewilding projects already taking place here and find out about the actions you can take right now to help our landscapes rewild.

Tickets £5

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Talk will take place in the Art Gallery upstairs at the Royal Cornwall Museum.

There is lift access to the first floor, and disabled access facilities on site.