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Event Cinema: at’s Film Club – The Little Shop of Horrors & The Blues Brothers Double Bill

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Event Date

Sunday 21st April

Event Time

6:00 pm
– 10:00 pm

Event organiser

WTW Cinemas

Event information:

Pat’s Film Club invites you to a dazzling musical double feature tribute to “Saturday Night Live” legends with two 80s cult musical classics that demand to be seen on the big screen!

First up, dive into the darkly comic “Little Shop of Horrors” – the story of a nerdy florist, the girl he loves, and a mysterious bloodthirsty plant. It’s a unique blend of comedy, horror and brilliant musical showstoppers.

Alongside “SNL” alumni Rick Moranis and Bill Murray, comedy legend Steve Martin steals the show as a dentist you’ll never forget.

Then after the break we have one of the ultimate cult movies of all time – “SNL” icons Dan Ayckroyd and John Belushi as “The Blues Brothers”.

Join Jake and Elwood Blues on their hilarious, action packed “Mission from God”. It’s two hours of epic car chases, outlandish celebrity cameos (Carrie Fisher as a vengeful ex is a particular delight) and unforgettable performances by music legends like Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Cab Calloway and Ray Charles.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see these Large and Loud on the big screen. It’s not just a screening; it’s a celebration of musical and comedy legends.

Dressing up is very much encouraged 🙂

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